Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spelling-Word Sorts

Okay.  I'm going to try to be as thorough as I can.  I know this will be a big change, but this new way of doing spelling really impacts your child's understanding of spelling concepts as opposed to just memorizing and then forgetting the words after the test.

Each week your child will be given a list for home and a list for school.  On Mondays, I will go over the sort with your child and teach them how to sort it.  I will send an email to each group for the parents to know how to sort them.  I will be sending an email to parents based off their child's list after I compose this one.  On Friday, students will be tested on 10 words.  They will get 2 scores.  One for spelling the word correct and one for getting the pattern correct.  

When students get their lists, there will usually be headers that reinforce the concept being taught.  There will, periodically, be "oddball" words or "rule breakers."  These are words that either follow the pattern but don't sound the same, or sound the same but have a different spelling pattern.

Students are asked to sort the words with you.  They can do this by themself and you can check their sort or do it with you.  If you choose to do it with your child.  Have them get their headers ready  and then place the words spread out so they can read them.  Parents will read a word from their words and student has to find it and then determine what column it fits.  Do this with all the words and then read all the words at the end to make sure they all follow the pattern.  I have attached a video of me doing a sort with one group to help show how this looks.  

Students can also just pull out their words and do a spelling activity like they have done in the past, as well.  Whatever works for your family.  I promise this will get easier as we go!!! :)

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Conference Sign Ups

Hi, all!  Thank you to everyone who signed up for conferences at Open House.  For those of you who didn't, I am asking you to please help me out.  Can you please choose a time and sign up?  I am asking for a couple families to please sign up for afternoon conferences.  This will be done on a first come first serve basis.  We have never done the parents sign up approach before so I'm trying to figure out the best way to schedule them.  Thanks for your understanding and support!

Thursday, November 7 Evening
5:00- Addison 
5:15- Andrea
6:00- Rorey 
6:30- Lucy
6:45- Tori
7:30- Sebastian

Thursday, November 14th Afternoon
12:45-Nick R
1:00- Kaleigh
2:00- Ella

5:00- Gabby
5:30- Paige
5:45- Payton
6:30- Grayson H.
6:45- Cameron
7:00- Grayson
7:30- Jacob
7:45- Cat

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Read Naturally Helpers?

I am looking for moms or dads that are able to come in on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings for a couple hours to help out with Read Naturally.  It's a great program that allows the kids extra reading time.  Mrs. Shutter is training parents. If you are able to commit, please let me know! :)

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First Scoop

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

B1 Spelling List

OOPS!! There are 2 traces on the B1 list. Please change one to waste. Thanks!!
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Spelling and Calendars

Spelling Lists went home today along with October calendars. I'm hoping to get on Spelling City right now to update the lists. But here is some info you will need:

C1-Jesse, Jade, Rorey, and Gabby
B2- Paige, Jacob, Nick V, and Anthony
B1-Cat, Cameron, Grayson H, Payton, Travis, Gage, Ella, Tori, Sebastian, Grayson L, Tommy
A2- Addison and Emma
A1-Kaleigh, Andrea, Lucy, Nick R, Michelle and John

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Science Test

Science test has postponed til tomorrow.  We never got to the review yesterday and didn't think it was fair to test the kids without reviewing in class before the test.

I think I forgot to mention at Open House that reviews/study guides will be sent home before most math, science and social studies tests.  If the student returns the review on the day of the test, they will earn one extra credit point on their test.  Here is another copy of the review, just in case you lost it, but it should be in the homework packet for the week.

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